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    Wedding & Honeymoon

    There’s nothing more exciting than a wedding or honeymoon, it’s an experience that creates
    beautiful and amazing memories for you and your partner to treasure for a lifetime. Destination Perfect are proud to offer a variety of superb Wedding & Honeymoon venues and hotels. We know that every couple is unique, our specialist will work with you to discover your picture-perfect location within the budget you have in mind, whether you dream of a once-in-a-lifetime multi-centre trip, are looking to celebrate close to home at a stunning European location, or aspire to venture further afield where exotic weather, scenery, and ambience can add to the spirit of your special occasion. For this big and important holiday, we will ensure all your needs are met, planning every aspect to perfection, organising spectacular excursions and adding special and unique touches throughout.

    Have an appetite for sunny beaches and warm waters during your wedding or honeymoon? How about the Seychelles? This tropical paradise is situated far from continental shores and worldly troubles, and is an absolutely glamorous destination for picture-perfect occasions and adventures. One of the greatest attractions of the Seychelles’ remote setting is the abundance of secluded beaches and waterfront splendors. Whether you want to have a beach wedding or honeymoon in one of the most scenic locations possible, the Seychelles are so easy on the eyes that they might as well have been born for picture-taking. This remarkably unique island chain has no qualms adding fun and excitement to your visit, where you can enjoy an all-inclusive list of land and water activities from world-famous diving (which includes corals, aquatic life, shipwrecks, and diverse underwater terrain) and boating (cove exploration, swimming, and island hopping) to 5-and-6-star resorts and facility accommodations, ecotourism, wildlife spotting, and private strolls on secluded overlook trails.

    Ever heard of the Maldives? These exotic islands boast an array of breathtaking locations practically tailor-made for tourism, celebration, and sightseeing. The Maldives are the perfect destination to make your special occasion endure time and memory long after you’ve gone home. This island country spread out across miles and miles of the Indian Ocean is home to some 1200 islands — with as many as 1000 of them uninhabited and ripe for exotic stopovers and exploration. Here, the luxury resorts are ideally private and secluded — many of which have their own island and beaches to enjoy — with some 100 world-class resorts to choose from. Behind the scenes of the Maldives, there is frantic competition to provide the most luxurious and unforgettable experience imaginable. Outdoors, the Maldives is an ideal spectacle for postcard pictures both above and below the waves. Here, palm tree-fringed canopies descend over white-powder beaches that glide under crystal blue waters into a colorful underwater ecosystem of corals, fish, and countless other forms of aquatic life. Every island of the Maldives is a paradise — the only trouble is choosing which ones you want to visit.

    You can also have your wedding or honeymoon in the beautiful country of Italy, where cities such as Rome, Venice, and Milan are a perfect setting for love, romance, and celebration. Or tie the knot in South Africa, where the beaches, waterfalls, jungle safaris, and vast African plains are an ideal and exotic setting for your once-in-a-lifetime experience. Looking for more tropical getaway options? Then consider travelling to the beaches of Antigua, the coastlines of Australia, or the islands of Malaysia, where the sand is always soft, the sunsets are always perfect, and your wedding or honeymoon is guaranteed to be everything you ever dreamt it would be.

    Our friendly travel experts will get to know you as a couple, figure out what your dream wedding or honeymoon location looks like, and make that come true!

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