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    A couple’s getaway can offer some much needed time away from home, work or the kids. It is the perfect opportunity to rekindle your connection and enjoy some alone time within in a refreshing and faraway setting. Couple holidays from Destination Perfect are all about you and your significant other and range from the luxurious to the adventurous to the romantic — or all of the above.

    Whether you call it The City of Lights or The City of Love, the city of Paris is celebrated by people from all over the world for having an unmistakable penchant for romance. Couples come to Paris for luxurious dining, art, and entertainment. They come for discreet getaways made just for two, and for long romantic walks down true Parisian boulevards. They come for a private evening cruise down the Seine River, where couples can wine and dine while getting a personal look at the brilliance of a timeless and spirited city, or to steal a kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower, where they can overlook a shimmering skyline that stretches to the distant horizon of the French countryside.

    Looking for a couple’s getaway in a place unlike anywhere else? Try Venice. A city built on over a hundred small islands, Venice is a labyrinth of street-lit waterways, palaces made of marble, and a culture that is as unique as its very setting. In Venice, the people live, dress, and behave in such a freewheeling way that it is often contagious and trend-setting. Here, romantic Gondola rides and fine Italian wine and cuisine are only the beginning. The atmosphere of this city is a mixture of magic and grandeur, where couples can go to indulge in art, food, shopping, and a personal experience quite unlike any other.

    If winning your partner over with impressive splendor is what you’re after, you can never go wrong with Dubai. When it comes to luxurious settings, this is one place that is hard to beat. One of the most futuristic cities on the planet, Dubai spares no expense on romantic getaway locations for two. Here, couples can avail of extraordinarily rare resort locations, including stylishly crafted man-made beaches and islands that put you right on top of warm Persian Gulf waters. From some of the hottest shopping destinations in the world and skyscrapers that tower into the sky to extravagant city lights and secluded desert oasis resorts, Dubai has such an amazing combination of sights and possibilities that a single visit is only a sample of things to love and do in the world-famous City of Gold.

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