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    A beach holiday can bring comfort and relaxation to the whole of us, from our bodies — to our minds. Whether it’s a warm and calming sea breeze, the reinvigorating sun and water on the skin, or the soft and soothing sand beneath our feet, an amazing beach destination offers so much to love and do—or not to do—that time and worries feel a world away.

    Destination Perfect have partnered with Jet2, Thomas Cook, Olympic Holidays and many more suppliers in order to offer you the leading price on your next beach holiday. Our friendly travel experts can offer advice and support to help you discover and enjoy a brand new beach destination (or rediscover a favourite!) anywhere in the world. A beach holiday is an ideal trip for anyone, and can be customised to suit any lifestyle, location or budget.

    Will you choose the Balearic Islands? They are home to some of the most pristine beaches in the world, where the warm air and waters of the Mediterranean Sea meet the stunning ancient rock formations accompanied by stunning white sands. Here, you can delight in a private getaway on one of its countless secluded beaches, where you’ll find cosy and exclusive resorts sprinkled along sheltered and gorgeous coastlines. If you’re a beach partygoer, then you would have most definitely heard of Ibiza. This island of the Balearics is world-renowned as a scene of energetic beachside entertainment and glamorous nightlife. People from all over the world come to Ibiza to take part in the music, cuisine, and leisure. Whether you want to unwind or go wild, the Balearics is a great place to be.

    Or will it be the islands of Hawaii? A place so far away from the rest of the world that you can feel a sense of remote harmony among their distinct island culture and awe-inspiring landscapes. Here, a mild tropical climate is tempered by easterly Pacific winds all-year-round, where you can explore miles and miles of dreamlike beaches surrounded by remarkably photogenic landscapes. It’s also a haven for every imaginable marine activity — whether you enjoy scuba-diving, snorkelling, fishing, or just want to relax beachside, you’ll find limitless possibilities to highlight your beach-going adventure in Hawaii.

    Struggling to decide? Contact us today for tips and suggestions. We will help you discover outstanding beaches in some of world’s most beautiful locations. All you have to do is choose your ideal beach destination — and we’ll do the rest!

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